A Better Way to Listen

Discover effortless listening

Sonos makes it easy to elevate your entertainment, where and how you want, with a wireless sound system that's simple to set up, customize, and control.


Shop Sonos to find wireless speakers designed to fill every room of your home with the pure, brilliant sound of the music you love.

Era 300

With next-level audio that hits from every direction, Era 300 doesn’t just surround you, it puts you inside your music.
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Era 100

Featuring next-gen acoustics and new levels of connectivity, Era 100 transforms any room with the finely tuned stereo sound and rich bass your music deserves.
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The high-fidelity speaker for superior sound.
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Portable Speakers

Enjoy the freedom of studio-quality sound that travels with you. Shop our collection of weather-ready, adventure-proof portable speakers at Sonos.

Move 2

Upgraded inside and out, our most powerful portable speaker delivers heart-pumping stereo sound wherever you want.
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The portable smart speaker for all your listening adventures.
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Home Theater

Immerse yourself in movies, games, TV, sports, and more by adding Sonos sound to your TV.


Bring all your entertainment to life and experience breathtakingly realistic spatial audio powered by Dolby Atmos.
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Beam (Gen 2)

From music to movies, the latest generation of Beam enriches all your entertainment with powerful and precise sound from wall to wall.
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Upgrade your TV, music, and gaming experiences with this impressively compact and easy-to-use soundbar.
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The wireless subwoofer for deep bass.
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Sub Mini

Deepen your enjoyment of TV, music, and more with bold bass when you pair Sub Mini with Beam, Ray, Era 100, One, or One SL.
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Audio Components

Looking to integrate Sonos streaming capability into an existing stereo system? Our wireless stereo components are just the ticket.


The versatile streaming component for your stereo or receiver.
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The versatile amplifier for powering all your entertainment.
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Make your sound system near-invisible.

6" In-Ceiling Speaker (Pair)

The architectural speakers by Sonance for ambient listening.
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8" In-Ceiling Speaker (Pair)

The architectural speakers by Sonance for ambient listening.
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In-Wall Speaker (Pair)

The architectural speakers by Sonance for focused listening.
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Outdoor Speaker (Pair)

The architectural speakers by Sonance for outdoor listening.
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Why Choose Sonos

Brilliant Sound

Enjoy clear, richly detailed sound that fills the room at any volume.

Easy to Use

Setup takes minutes and control is simple with your voice, phone, tablet, or finger.

Listen Your Way

Customize your system and play what you want, where you want.